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The first thing we would say to you is that you should never sign anything until you have sought independent legal advice.

Once we have been instructed to look after your purchase for you, we will check to see that the title of the property is satisfactory. We will make sure that the person who is selling the property to you actually owns it and we will find out whether there are any charges on the property that adversely affect it.

When appropriate, we also check to see that the property, when built, had the necessary licenses and permission.

We then check the terms of the contract suggested by the person selling the property to ensure that it is fair and reasonable, or we draft a private sale contract.

If you decide to go ahead, we will arrange for the funds needed to be imported into Spain, for the title to the property to be transferred into your name in the way required by Spanish law, for any fees and taxes to be paid and for the title to be registered with the Land Registry.

We can, if you wish make arrangements for a survey on the property.

The person buying the property may attend in person before the Notary to sign the Deeds, but if this is inconvenient, arrangements can be made for a Power of Attorney to be granted enabling another person to attend on their behalf. We can draft a Power of Attorney for signature near your home.

If a transaction does not proceed to completion we charge at our current charging rate for the work actually undertaken.

Our standard charge covers advice about the contract, investigation of title, arranging for the completion of the transaction by the execution of a public title deed, arranging for the payment of taxes and arranging for the registration of your new title deed. In short, everything needed in a normal transaction.

Our standard fee DOES NOT include negotiation about the price of the property, sorting out any defects in the title, dealing with a mortgage or power of attorney or any advice about matters that are ancillary to the purchase. We will be happy to undertake this work for you. Any such work would be charged on the basis of our normal charging rates and the time spent on it. We will give an estimate on request.

The extras on top of our legal fees are:

  • A fee is paid to the Notary for the preparation of the Escritura.
  • A fee is payable to the Land Registry.
  • Plusvalía- a sort of municipal capital gains tax – has to be paid on the transfer of a property. It is usually paid by the seller.
  • A transfer tax or VAT and Stamp Duty.
  • When appropriate, we can prepare a Power of Attorney.
  • You will also need to be registered with the Spanish authorities and to have a foreigner’s identification number (NIE). We can help you obtain one.
  • We also believe that it saves agreat deal of time and effort later on if you now review your English Will and make a separate Spanish Will.
  • If you spend less than 183 days a year in Spain then you are generally speaking classed as a non-resident and you must:
  • Name a fiscal representative in Spain
  • Pay your local rates
  • Make a Spanish income tax declaration and pay income tax on any income deriving from your activities in Spain.
  • You must pay your electricity, water and other bills. It is usual to do this by arranging for your bank to pay the accounts directly to the suppliers but you are responsible for ensuring that this is done and payments are made.
  • If you would like further advice, please contact us.

    We are used to acting for clients from all over the world and , generally, find that it is not necessary to meet in order to deal with the purchase of a property in Spain. Of course we are delighted to meet to discuss matters personally if that is convenient for you.

  • We can also offer advice, administration and management of any construction or refurbishing work to be done, mainly on villas and country properties.
  • Drawing up a contract with the architect and construction company, previously chosen by the client. This enables us to be objective in our involvement during the work .
  • A continuous flow of information. This way they can be fully aware at all times of the progress of the work being undertaken.
  • Part-payment for work done. Upon receipt of the relevant documentation from the architect, we can represent our client at the end of each work phase to pay amounts due.
  • We also provide defence in the case of hidden defects in construction.
  • Administration of all legal aspects of the work in hand, including the Building Licence, Certification that a building is inhabitable, first occupiers licence, preparation of Title Deeds for the registration of a new building, settlement of taxes, registration with the Real Estate Registry, inclusion at Land Registry, activation of water and electricity supplies.
  • To summarise – all supervisory, administrative and management functions which ensure all construction work carried out be to the entire satisfaction of our clients.


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