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When it comes to investing in property in Europe, Spain has been on the top of the list for nearly thirty years. This means that over the years more and more people are finding that they are the lawful heir to some Spanish assets.

Suddenly people who may, or may not, have set foot in Spain are called to inherit in Spain. Not only have to face the loss of a family member, they are also confronted with a completely alien burocracy in a language they don’t understand: The law is different, the tax system is different …Your local Solicitor will understand the local system but probably won't be able to understand the way in which that system interacts with the system in your country. As a result, you can waste a lot of money or pay far too much tax.

We can handle the inheritance for you from start to finish anywhere in Spain. We can handle it regardless of the existence or not of a Spanish Will, and even if no Will exists.

We deal with the administration of estates where the deceased owned property in Spain and whether or not a Will has been made. We prepare all the requisite Spanish documentation in England and handle the complex tax and other problems that often arise.

Once title to the assets has been transferred to the beneficiaries, we advise and assist with their realisation and the transfer of the proceeds to the UK.


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